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Sample Posts

April 11 is Giving Day! Let’s rally together on this special buff ’n blue day to celebrate Punahou and support our students. Show your buff ’n blue spirit by participating with a gift on Giving Day! https://givingday.punahou.edu/  

 Whether it’s singing O‘ahua at Flaming P, enjoying a hot malasada at Carnival, or supporting Punahou’s tradition of giving, how you buff ’n blue means a lot! Show your Puns pride by participating with a gift for Giving Day.  https://givingday.punahou.edu/  

 It’s Giving Day! Celebrate everything we cherish about Punahou and ensure that our students have the resources and experiences to thrive! Show your buff ’n blue spirit by participating with a gift TODAY on Giving Day! https://givingday.punahou.edu/ 


Include photos or videos of...

  • Your child at school or at a school event
  • Your child promoting Giving Day

Say something like…

  • April 11 is Punahou’s Giving Day! Support the School that he/she loves. givingday.punahou.edu
  • <CHILD’S NAME> is doing <something interesting your child is doing in school> in school. Provide more experiences like this for <CHILD’S NAME>.  Participate in Punahou’s Giving Day on April 11! givingday.punahou.edu
  • <CHILD’S NAME> is exploring <something child is passionate about>.  Support <CHILD’S NAME> passions by participating in Punahou’s Giving Day - April 11!  givingday.punahou.edu

Sample Posts for Alumni

Include photos or videos of...

  • You and your friends during your time at Punahou
  • Your class or class event during your time at Punahou
  • Your class during a Reunion
  • You and your Punahou friends
  • Use your own photos or from our digital archives.

Say something like…

  • Thinking about the wonderful friends, classmates and teachers at Punahou and the cherished experiences and memories we shared together. Join me in giving back for future generations by participating with a gift on Punahou’s Giving Day - April 11! https://givingday.punahou.edu/
  • Remember when we did our Junior walk for Carnival and the thrill we felt having planned such a huge event? Let’s do one more BIG thing together as a class. Let’s WIN Giving Day! Make your gift at https://givingday.punahou.edu/.
  • I’m grateful to Punahou for providing me with a strong foundation, experiences that have made me who I am today, fond memories, countless opportunities and an ‘ohana that I cherish deeply. Show your buff ’n blue appreciation with a gift at https://givingday.punahou.edu/.